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Exercise 1 Pre

Exercise 1 Pre - Exercise 1 Your Ecological Footprint...

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Exercise 1 Your Ecological Footprint On-line Pre-Exercise Assignment Jong Park 1. I consider myself average consumptive in relation to the average American. I assume that the amounts of food, water, and energy I consume are regarded as the average in America. I try to use as little of water as I can when I’m brushing my teeth, taking a shower, washing my hands, etc. 2. (a) On average, 4.60 Earths would be required for everyone in the world to live like me. This fact surprises me and also makes me aware that I am one of a relatively small group (compared to the whole world) of people who live in a civilized environment. (b) I consume the most resources in the food sector. I think it is because I hardly control what I eat. (c) My scores, except for the food footprint sector, are all little lower than the average Americans’. (d) As mentioned, my eating habit turns out to be the biggest contributor to the ecological impact.
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