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Exercise 4 Post

Exercise 4 Post - E xercise 4 Strawberry Creek Physical and...

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Exercise 4 Strawberry Creek: Physical and Geomorphologic Aspects of the Creek In-Lab and Post-exercise Jong Park (J.P.) 1. The South Fork Watershed is about 1.5 times bigger than North Fork Watershed. Even though it is smaller in area, The North Fork Watershed occupies more developed and impervious area than the South Fork Watershed. 2a. The Strawberry Creek is located mostly under the pavement of the university campus. Only some sections of the creek are not underground and are visible. 2b. The Creek is located underground to be excluded from disturbing the development of the area, to be developed as an underground sewage system, which can prevent the unpleasant odor, and to prevent the flood. 3a. The type of water movement occurring from the ground’s inability to absorb water is called sheet flow or sheet wash. 3b. The water from the impermeable surfaces might go to the drainage, straight into the creek, and into the soil. 4a. The prevalence of impermeable surfaces increases the creek discharge, because the water is not absorbed by the ground. The time for the discharge to peak is shorter and the total peak discharge is higher.
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