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Exercise 4 Pre

Exercise 4 Pre - 16b Before the urbanization around the...

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Exercise 4 Strawberry Creek: Physical and Geomorphologic Aspects Pre-exercise Assignment Jong Park 1. g 2. i 3. j 4. h 5. c 6. k 7. e 8. f 9. n 10. o 11. a 12. L 13a. Stream velocity is the distance water travels in a stream per unit time. 13b. Float an empty bottle at the starting point and time with a stop watch the time for the bottle to reach the 10 meters-away destination. 14a. increases 14b. increases 14c. increases 14d. increases 15. Characteristic In the Headwaters On Campus Near the creek mouth Stream gradient Steep Less steep Flat Substrate particle size Large Medium Small Amount of Flow Small Medium Large Level of pollutants Low Medium High 16a. The graph portrays two different rates of rivers’ discharge: one river with urbanization and the other without. The graph shows that urbanization increases the discharge of a river and the run-off, contributing to flooding. Dashed line indicates the stream discharge of a river with urbanization over time. The continuous line indicates the stream discharge of a river without urbanization over time.
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Unformatted text preview: 16b. Before the urbanization around the Strawberry Creek in 1880, after a rainfall, the amount and rate of stream discharge was not as high as those of stream discharge in this current period. Due to urbanization, the amount and rate of surface runoff of water have increased since 1880. 17a. 1992 17b. Robert Charbonneau – Environmental Health and Safety, UC Berkeley Vincent H. Resh – Department of Entomological Sciences, UC Berkeley 17c. The intended audience were the professionals who can assist in implementing urban stream restoration projects. 17d. The sources of information were documented in the reference column in the last page of the article. 17e. It is a reliable source of information about the Strawberry Creek based on the fact that the authors specialized in ecological and environmental fields in UC Berkeley which is in proximity to the Strawberry Creek....
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