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Exercise 5 Post - Exercise 5 Strawberry Creek Biotic...

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Exercise 5 Strawberry Creek: Biotic Interactions and Rapid Biological Assessments Exercise and Post-Exercise Assignment Jong Park (J.P.) 1. The headwaters of the stream I looked at were located in hills of the strawberry canyon. 2a. Yes, in the “upstream”, we saw many leaf litter in the stream. We saw plenty leaf litter on the banks also. The leaves are from deciduous plants. 2b.The leaf litter provides energy to the headwaters of the stream where there is a lack of sunlight reaching the stream because the plants block much of sunlight reaching the narrow stream. 3. The relative proportions of grazers, shredders, predators, and collectors would be mostly shredders and collectors and little grazers and predators. Since the food source in the headwater area is mostly leaves, shredders will thrive. Collectors are present in relatively large numbers in all parts of a stream, because they feed on bacteria and organic material processed by shredders, which is present from the head to downstream. 4a.The raw sewage has consistently diminished the diversity of wildlife in the creek. When tested with
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Exercise 5 Post - Exercise 5 Strawberry Creek Biotic...

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