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Unformatted text preview: Exercise 8 Map Workshop Pre-exercise Assignment Jong Park 1. The scales of all the topographic maps are 1 inch of map-distance to 600 foot of actual distance. 2. Yes. The scales are written on the top right of all the maps, and they are all the same. 3a.You can look at how close the lines are and determine how steep the hills are. 3b. You can calculate the percent slope of a hill by measuring the distance of rise or fall and dividing it by the horizontal distance pertaining to that distance of rise or fall. 4. 5. Overlay analysis is analyzing two or more maps containing different types of information for the same area to look for potential correlations between the different types of information they show. The overlay analysis helps planners or developers in a planning process to determine the optimal location for development. 6. No. The causation without correlation can hold true in some occasions. For example, even though dry chaparral vegetation occurs predominantly on the Orinda formation, one cannot conclude that dry...
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