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Alireza Pirayesh Sabzevar ( [email protected] ) Project Proposal for ECE-646 Project Proposal for ECE-646 Cryptography and Computer Network-Security Security in RFID systems Introduction Radio Frequency Identification systems are in the limelight for a few years and become pervasive in our daily lives. Security and access control are the most likely applications to use radio frequency identification with three in 10 survey respondents planning an RFID implementation saying that they plan on developing security applications first but these smart devices are nowadays embedded in the consumer items as well. Other likely applications are inventory and asset management, and industrial tracking. While RFID is only used in a few ways now, its use is expected to increase by 450 percent in the next year and a further 96 percent in 2006. As RFID gets more popularity, the privacy issues raised by RFID tags are vitally important. In the wake of announcements by Wal- Mart, the biggest retailer in the world, that it would require RFID tags on cases/pallets of products to facilitate tracking - and may require tags on individual products eventually - scare stories concerning possible use of these tags to violate individual privacy have been surfacing. Such stories ignore not only common sense and practicality, but also the basic physics that govern the potential of these tags. Both the public and the retailers considering tag use need to understand these basic facts before they can enter meaningful debate on the use of the technology. The challenge in providing security for low-cost RFID tags is that they are computationally weak devices, unable to perform even basic symmetric-key cryptographic operations. Security researchers often therefore assume that good privacy protection in RFID tags is unattainable. Project Definition A 3 phase project for ECE-646 is trying to see how a security mechanism for RFID system can be implemented. Project starts with review of available solutions for RFID security and then narrows down to in depth study and implementation of one specific algorithm. In the phase one, the current solutions for providing security for RFID systems will be
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This note was uploaded on 02/02/2011 for the course SECURITY 2354 taught by Professor Morganjones during the Spring '11 term at Ucla Venezuela.

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RFID_AP - Alireza Pirayesh Sabzevar([email protected]..

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