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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE 313, TTH, 16190, Fall 2010 Assignment No. 8, Due Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Please note all homework assignments will be posted on Blackboard. It is your responsibility to monitor Blackboard for homework assignments. Course handouts will likewise be available on Blackboard. Please include the following information on the first-page of each assignment: (1) Your name (printed legibly), (2) course number EE 313 , (3) Assignment Number , and (4) Due Date . Thank you. Please staple your homework pages together. Page numbers refer to the course textbook by Roberts (1) Page 664, Prob. 3. (2) Page 665, Prob. 5.
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Unformatted text preview: (3) Page 665, Prob. 6. Hint: note u(0-) = 0. (4) Page 665, Prob. 7, parts (a) and (b), only. (5) Page 669, Prob. 20, parts (a), (b), (d) and (g), only. (6) Page 669, Prob. 21, parts (a), (c), and (d), only. (7) Page 669, Prob. 22. If the poles of G(s) are complex, to receive credit, you must put your answer in standard form as defined in class. (8) Plot the signals and find their energy using MATLAB (if it exists). 1. x[n] = (-1/3) n u[n] 2. x[n]= (3/4)-n u[-n] (9) Use conv function of MATLAB to find the following, 1. g[n]= 4rect 2 [n]*2rect 4 [n] 2. g[n]=rect 3 [n]*(7/8) n u[n] Note that the MATLAB problems are due at the time HW #8 is due, namely 2 November 2010....
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