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hw2 - EE 351K Probability Statistics and Random Processes...

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EE 351K Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes SPRING 2011 Instructor:S.Vishwanath [email protected] Homework 2 Due Tuesday, Feb 8th 2011 at 3:30pm Problem 1 A new test has been developed to determine whether a given student is overstressed. This test is 95% accurate if the student is not overstressed, but only 70% accurate if the student is overstressed. It is known that 80% of all students are over-stressed. Given that a particular student tests negative for stress, what is the probability that the test result is correct? Problem 2 A parking lot consists of a single row containing n parking spaces ( n 2) . Alice arrives when all spaces are free. Bob is the next person to arrive. Each person makes an equally likely choice among all available spaces at the time of arrival. Describe the sample space. Obtain P ( A ) , the probability the parking spaces selected by Alice and Bob are at most 2 spaces apart. Problem 3
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