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Syllabus_BIZ3101_Fall_2010[1] - BIZ 3101 MANAGEMENT SCIENCE...

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M ANAGEMENT S CIENCE Prof. Seongmoon Kim - 1 - BIZ 3101: M ANAGEMENT S CIENCE Fall 2010 Prof. Seongmoon Kim Email: [email protected] Phone: 02-2123-5485 Office Location: YSB 427 Office Hours: Monday 10:00 12:00 Homepage: YSCEC (Course schedule, announcement, HW, and scores will be updated on YSCEC.) TA: TBA Email: TBA Office Location: TBA Office Hours: TBA C OURSE D ESCRIPTION : Management Science uses a scientific and mathematical approach to solving management problems. It is used in a variety of organizations in both the public and the private sector to solve many different types of problems. Management Science, also known as Operations Research or Decision Sciences involves a philosophy of problem solving in a logical manner. The objective of this course is to provide fundamental concepts and techniques used in management science to model problems, and provide a variety of examples of how to solve these models using Microsoft Excel . Applications from a variety of business areas will be discussed, including finance, marketing, and operations. Some example applications include portfolio optimization, capital budgeting, media selection for advertising, personnel scheduling, production planning, project management, service capacity planning, supply chain optimization, and more. T EXTBOOK : § Introduction to Management Science, by F. Hillier and M. Hillier, 3 rd edition, McGraw Hill, 2008. ( Required ) § Introduction to Management Science, by Bernard W. Taylor III, 10 th edition, Prentice Hall, 2010. (Recommended) § Additional materials will be provided in class.
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