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MEC 280 - 1 CFCs(Chloro-fluro-carbons were used in A...

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1. CFCs (Chloro-fluro-carbons) were used in A. refrigerants B. foams C. propellants D. all of the above. 2. In the stratosphere, air temperature increases with 3. In the troposphere, it is cooler higher and 4. Which region is the most turbulent part of the atmosphere? 5. Which region of the earth’s atmosphere is the most farthest from the earth surface? A. Mesosphere B. Troposphere C. Stratosphere D. Exosphere 6. 60% of the CFC-11 will disappear from the atmosphere in about 6. 8M O a … R i 6. 7A l 5 7 7A l 5 . . H .. . 8. Visible light has wavelengths in the range of a) 250-380 nm
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b) 400-680 nm c) 700-1250 nm 9. The chemical symbal C 6 H 12 O 6 represent? A. Glucose. ( B, C, D V r .) 10.
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