HW1_Op_Amp_011411 - EEE 3300 Electronics 1 (Spring 2011)...

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EEE 3300 Electronics 1 (Spring 2011) PSPICE Homework 1 – Op Amps 1) Amplifier Design Need to design and construct a two-stage amplifier with a total voltage gain of A = A 1 A 2 = 35. You should do it in two different ways both leading to the same performance: a) Using two inverting amplifiers, and b) Using two non-inverting amplifiers. Let A 1 be the gain of the first amplifier and A 2 be the gain of the second amplifier. The output of Stage 1 becomes the input of Stage 2. Choose any suitable values |A| 1 > 1 and |A 2 | >1 that you wish. Assume that the available batteries are 9V and -9V. Using the PSPICE cursor to check whether the overall gain that you get and each stage’s gain are exactly as planned. Observe the output for a VSIN input of amplitude 0.1V and frequency of 1KHz (in Transient). Use resistors that are in the KΩ range. Hints: a) Whenever you construct a non-inverting op-amp leave it at its original position - no need to "mirror vertically". However - don't forget to double check that pin 7 receives a positive DC voltage, and pin 4 receives a negative DC voltage, b) In the inverting amplifier you have to mirror the op-amp vertically, but again verify that correct DC voltages reach pins 4 and 7, c) The gain may not be exactly 35, because the 741 op-amp is not "ideal". It is only "almost ideal". Checking the peak-to-peak output amplitude will
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HW1_Op_Amp_011411 - EEE 3300 Electronics 1 (Spring 2011)...

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