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ENW 204 Syllabus

ENW 204 Syllabus - ENW 204 Report Writing(Online Professor...

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ENW 204 - Report Writing (Online) Professor James Anderson Course Goals: In ENW 204, students will: 1) Work on gathering and evaluating content for business and economic texts; 2) Further their abilities in composing and organizing effective non-fiction prose; and 3) Take strides to improve their writing by working on sentence and paragraph structure. Course Objectives: Students in ENW 204 will work on specific types of texts – a personal statement, memoranda, business correspondence and reports. Class members are expected to know how to proofread their work and look up the spelling of words they use in compositions. Students are expected to have a grammar reference text and to consult it regularly in order to find and review rules that apply to their writing. In addition, students will spend the semester making strides to improve: 1) Their abilities in gathering and assessing information. Emphasis will be placed on providing readers details, explanations, examples, and numbers in text; 2) Their skills in outlining and organizing texts. Students will work on focusing paragraphs and thinking through ideas before setting prose onto paper. 3) Their abilities to compose clear, direct sentences. Required Text Writing that Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job , New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Please note: The tenth edition of the text for the course, Writing That Works , should be available in the bookstore. It may be possible to substitute an earlier edition of the text which you can purchase online (at a site such as www.half.com ) for a much cheaper price. It will be your responsibility to check the subject matter for readings and to look for the correct chapter or sections to read – I will post assignments with detailed instructions to help guide you to the correct sections to read in older texts. My advice: If you do buy the text from an online retailer, spend the extra $10 or so on expedited delivery to get the book by next week.
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Background This is a class in business writing. It will show you how to apply basic writing skills to reports, correspondence, and other documents you will have to compose on the job. The semester will be spent learning how to assess and collect information and finally compose and write the following business documents: A personal statement A resume and job search correspondence Memos, e-mails, letters Progress and final reports We will also discuss several key steps to every project that you prepare for class and later on in the workplace. We will examine ways to gather the right sort of information, both by brainstorming and by researching facts and figures at the library or on-line. We will talk about the correct formatting of various documents and reports and discuss ways to make your writing effective. You will learn how to consider the needs and expectations of your audience – i.e. the people who will read your work – and how to best shape your writing to get your point across. Techniques to generate clear, concise prose will be
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ENW 204 Syllabus - ENW 204 Report Writing(Online Professor...

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