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2011 Midterm (Fall ’10) Answer the following questions in 2 double-spaced typed pages each, for a total  of 6 pages. Be sure to analyze the readings in your own words rather than in my  words from the lectures. You will be graded on how well you analyze the  readings not on your opinions; therefore, take great care to focus on the texts.  Please turn your mid-terms in at the  beginning of class  on the 18 th  of October.  Your T.A.’s will be present to pick them up.  1. Focusing on the Elaine Tyler May article “Echoes of the Cold War,” A) discuss  the concept “frames of acceptance.” Then B) discuss what, according to May, was  the difference in declaring 9/11 an act of war rather than a crime. C) Discuss the  ways in  which  the  declaration   of war,  for  President  Bush, was intended   to 
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Unformatted text preview: revitalize the American economy. 2. Define A) Amy Kaplan’s use of the word “imperialism” in the article “Where is Guantanamo.” According to Kaplan, B) how do the “insular cases” help to establish the legal foundations for American empire? C) In what ways does the court decision Rasul v. Bush encourage the U.S. to mobilize state power beyond U.S. borders? 3. Discuss Eqbal Ahmad’s notion of the U.S. as an “island power.” Then B) discuss how the war in Vietnam “laid to rest the Third World’s illusions and myths about the United States.” Then C) discuss a story from We Are All Suspects Now that illustrates how immigrants’ beliefs in the illusions and myths about the United States were destroyed by U.S. policies....
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