Syllabus AML3682 Af. Amer. Lit

Syllabus AML3682 Af. Amer. Lit - Syllabus Prof. Ikard...

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Syllabus Prof. Ikard (pronounced “eye-card”) AML 3682 Office: 227 Williams Bldg Office Hours: Tues 2:00-3:30 and by appt 9:30 WMS 123 T/R Spring 2011 American Multi-Ethnic Literatures This course will introduce students to the emerging, interdisciplinary field of hip hop studies. Chief among our goals will be to investigate the ways that hip hop has evolved politically, culturally, and economically over the past forty years from a local cultural phenomenon to a global, capitalist juggernaut. In particular, we will consider how commercial hip hop has become the dominant medium through which black America and particularly black poor urban men are (re)presented and understood in the public domain. We will also consider other race, class, and gender-related issues, such as why are white, middle-class, suburban kids—the chief consumers of hip hop music—so attracted to the music genre. What are the ideological and cultural repercussions of (invented) thug masculinity for black men at large. And, concomitantly, how do black women—who are typically featured in the music and in videos as hypersexual, gold- digging, vixens—experience and cope with their commodification within the music and culture. Our course materials will include novels, cultural criticism, documentaries, among other things. Students will be given four exams in this course, each constituting 25% of their final grade. The texts include Paul Beatty's The White Boy Shuffle, Adam Mansbach's Angry Black White Boy, Tricia Rose's Hip Hop Wars, Mark Anthony Neal's That's the Joint: The Hip Hop Studies Reader, and K.A. Wisniewski's The Comedy of Dave Chappelle. Gordon Rule Statement:
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Syllabus AML3682 Af. Amer. Lit - Syllabus Prof. Ikard...

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