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ENC3310 spring syllabus - ENC3310 Article and Essay...

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ENC3310: Article and Essay Workshop Spring 2011 ENC3310-06 TR 12:30-1:45 WMS 108 ENC3310-07 TR 2:00-3:15 WMS 108 Katherine Burgess [email protected] Office: 327 Williams Office Hours: TR 9:00-11:00 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Course Description and Goals This is a rigorous introductory nonfiction workshop, with emphasis on growing as writers and readers. You will be writing numerous short pieces, experimenting with different forms and genres, in preparation for writing a longer, more polished essay. Improvement and dedication are strongly factored in. The reading assignments will introduce you to a wide spectrum of nonfiction, from memoirs to persuasive essays to comics. Required Text You should get a copy of the textbook the first week of class. Not having the book is no excuse for not doing your homework; if you don't have the textbook yet, make friends with someone else in class and share with them until you can get your own copy. I will not scan the book and email it to you as a PDF, and I will become somewhat hostile if you ask. Creating Nonfiction: A Guide and Anthology by Becky Bradway and Doug Hesse ISBN: 0-312-44706-X Assignments and Grade Breakdown Technique Exercises: 15% Reading Responses: 10% Participation: 25% Final Portfolio: 50%
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Technique Exercises For the first half of the semester, I will assign weekly writing prompts. You'll write around 500 words for each one, post your work on Blackboard, and we'll discuss them in class. These will be graded based on content and originality. Mechanical errors will not count against you, but do make some attempt at proofreading, for the sake of intelligibility. Reading Responses You will write a 200-250 word response to every reading assignment and post it on Blackboard before class. Your responses should be detailed and should go beyond simply stating whether you liked an essay or not. These will be graded S/U. Participation
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ENC3310 spring syllabus - ENC3310 Article and Essay...

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