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HUM3321 Spr11 Syllabus

HUM3321 Spr11 Syllabus - Multicultural Film American 20th...

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Multicultural Film: American 20 th and 21 st Century Culture (Spring 2010 Term) Syllabus & Course Information Syllabus Change Policy: This syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advance notice. Contact Information: Instructor: Jodie Baird, [email protected] Office Hours (Through Virtual BlackBoard): Friday 12-3, and by appointment Texts: John Belton, American Cinema /American Culture 3rd ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-07-338615-7 Kathryn Karrh Cashin and Stacy Lynn Tanner (ed.), Multi-Cultural Film, An Anthology Spring/Summer 2011, Pearson Course Descriptions: This is an online based course. All assignments MUST be submitted online, on time. Papers will all be submitted through SafeAssign, without exception. Quizzes and exams will be timed, and provided online. Due to BlackBoard restrictions, there will be NO late or make-up quizzes available. Goal/Rationale of the course: The student will benefit from this course by learning a matrix of movie history, movie genres, and approaches to multiculturalism by which to judge the movies, cultural representation and the cultural experiences of life. The movies provide a window on middle and late 20 th century cultures, which serve as comparisons and contrasts for culture in the 21 st century. The ability to synthesize and analyze articles on culture and movies, and an ability to speak and write about movies and culture will be necessary. Learning Objectives : The learner will… Conceptualize who we are as Americans and why we look to race, class, gender and sexuality as our formulas by which to judge others. Recognize stereotypes of race, class, gender and sexuality, and avoid these easy solutions to complex issues. Apply generic expectations in cinematic art form to evaluate the extent to which movies conform to or break the mold of their genres. Evaluate the different ways that Americans have become divided by race, class, gender, and sexuality. Form a theory about what is an American by which to proceed in life to the complex issues surrounding all of us in the 21 st century. Teaching Philosophy : This course examines the impact of American Cinema on social relations and on the reproduction of power. By watching movies with a better understanding of their biases and prejudices we may confront them and contest them in order to celebrate the cultural diversity of the United States. Students who regularly check the BlackBoard site, watch all the movies, read the texts and articles diligently, discuss on the Blackboard the salient points raised, and write clearly their analyses and
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syntheses will do well in this course. Blackboard discussions will be conducted with decorum and the learners will maintain a demeanor that is in harmony with a non-threatening exploration of sensitive issues. Writings and essays for the course will be the students’ own work reflecting their best effort and considered thought.
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