sp11aml3041 - AML3041.01 & 02: AMERICAN AUTHORS SINCE 1875...

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A ML MERICAN A UTHORS S INCE 1875 Spring 2011 WMS 110 Instructor: Catherine Altmaier Office: Williams 453 Syllabus Change Policy: Except for changes that substantially affect implementation of the evaluation (grading) statement, this syllabus is a guide for the course and is subject to change with advanced notice. Liberal Studies Descriptor: The Liberal Studies Program at Florida State University has been designed to provide a perspective on the qualities, accomplishments, and aspirations of human beings, the past and present civilizations we have created, and the natural and technological world we inhabit. This course has been approved as meeting the requirements for Liberal Studies Area IV, Humanities and Fine Arts , and in combination with your other Liberal Studies courses, provides an important foundation for your lifelong quest of knowledge. Course Overview: This course offers students a survey of American literature from 1875 to the present. As we read a variety of representative texts from this period, we will consider the historical, cultural, and aesthetic forces which have influenced American literature and American literary studies throughout the 20 th century. We will ask how the works we read reflect and/or challenge the major literary movements of Realism, Naturalism, Modernism, and Postmodernism. We will also examine how “Americanness” has been defined and/or challenged by the literature that both informs and reflects American society. In addition to the specific aims of this course as outlined in this description, we will continue to hone more general and foundational skills in literary studies such as close reading, critical thinking, engaged discussion, and thoughtful writing. Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, students should be able to identify major movements in American literature between 1875 and the present, including major tenets, literary texts, and authors appropriate to each movement. articulate what he/she believes to be the benefit (and/or disadvantage) of periodization. demonstrate proficiency in close reading, literary interpretation, and academic writing (feedback designed to foster students’ writing proficiency will be provided). demonstrate proficiency in reading, synthesizing, and responding to literary criticism. Required Texts: Belasco, Susan and Link Johnson, eds. The Bedford Anthology of American Literature:1865 to the Present . Vol. 2. Boston: Bedford, 2008. Print. ISBN: 0-312-41208-8 Course Requirements: Assignments: Quizzes—15% | Critical Review 1—15% | Critical Review 2—20%| Midterm Exam—25% | Final Exam—25% | Quizzes: In order to encourage the timely completion of reading assignments and to instigate class discussion, we will have brief reading quizzes at the beginning of most class meetings. These quizzes may consist of Short Answers, Short Discussions, and Quotation Identifications (see descriptions below). Some reading quizzes may be assigned to be completed outside of class in order to provide students with
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sp11aml3041 - AML3041.01 & 02: AMERICAN AUTHORS SINCE 1875...

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