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a7q3 - I Aplia Siudenl Question Madam Internet Explorer w...

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Unformatted text preview: I Aplia: Siudenl Question - Madam; Internet Explorer w smeeel Flat is a television assembly plant whose only inputs are capital (K) and labor (L). Flat's production function is G = i.I35 >< Ku'5 where K is numbero'i machines per hour, L s numberofworkers per hour, and G e the numberof fiat-screen televisions produced in an hou: One half unit of labor is equivalent to hiring a part-time worker Quilt-Ea 2E fi-KWIR$:$'=.Q:IM%E - a. Use the blue points (circle symbol) to graph Flat's lsoquant for an output of six televisions (G = 6). Do this by plotting the pointsofJ. = 2,3, 4, 6,9,12,18. Hint: a = L” x K” = (L x K)” CAPITAL {Hum be r at machines] Gi'aglks Toul 1.50 E! KHZ-20M! Milk: Inc All inghl‘bresci and. 92$d510121-fi161820 LABOR Number: otworkers] W E h. Wages (w) are $18 per hour per worker and capital rent (r) is $8 per hour per machine- Using the orange line (square symbols), graph the oust curve when total ocst is $144. The equation for this curve is $144=18L+BK :u c. Given these costs of inputs (w = $18 and r = $8), when producing six televisan an hour, Flat will choose to use four workers and nine machines. ; .! 0°“ . . ..lnteme1 PioiectedMode On amuse v .: ...
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