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a7q7 - Aplia Stud-en Question “findaws Internet...

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Unformatted text preview: Aplia: Stud-en! Question , “findaws Internet Emlorer "' . _ . . Welcome. 1ra6efim1mmLW‘Im1-em out ‘ £9 . Econ ram—Fannie - . . atI? ' " i... The Cost of Production in the Long Run II Graded Assignment | Back to Assignment Due Sunday 11.21.10 at 11:45 PM 7. Production in an accounting firm An aooounfing firm has the east function can, 0,} = 60,, + Op + 0,, x Op where 9,, is the numbero‘i businss tax forms completed and OP is the number of personal lax forms completed and C(Gbflp} is the total oust of production in thousancb of dollars. Completing only business tax forms has a oost function Cbflib) = 60b, which equals CW}, 0), and completing only personal tax forms has a oost function Cpmp) = 0p. which equals C(U, an). a. Tl'ue or False: There are economies ofscope In the oust function of personal and business tax forms. Tl'ue v- b. Tl'ue or False: There are economies of safe in the joint production of personal tax forms and business tax forms. True «7" . Done 0 1mm [Protected Mode On amuse. - ...
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