Nervous & Endocrine Review Questions

Nervous & Endocrine Review Questions - Biol 121...

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Biol 121 Anatomy and Physiology I Brain and Spinal Cord 1. Name the four general brain regions. Briefly describe the overall function each region. Name the structures or "sub-regions" within each region. Give the specific functions of each of these regions. 2. Describe the location of each of the following functional areas of the brain: sensory cortex; motor cortex; vision; taste and hearing. 3. Describe the production, circulation and resorption of cerebrospinal fluid. 4. Describe how the brain and spinal cord are protected. (4 ways) 5. Describe the anatomy of the meninges. Where is a spinal tap taken? 6. Draw a cross section of the spinal cord. Label its parts. Where will you find: sensory neuron cell bodies, motor neuron cell bodies, autonomic nerve cell bodies, spinal tracts, cerebral spinal fluid, militated fibers, unmyelinated fibers. 7. How many cranial nerves are there? List the cranial nerves by number, name and function. 8. How many spinal nerves are there? Describe how they are named. Which spinal nerves do not enter into a nerve plexus? 9. List the four plexuses of the spinal cord.
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Nervous & Endocrine Review Questions - Biol 121...

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