3 - Though this is considered to be a Brazilian piece , I...

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Introduction Running Head : MANJA DE CARNIVAL  Unity and Variety in ``Manha De Carnival ' [author 's name]  [professor]  [author 's school]  [subject]  Unity and Variety in ``Manha De Carnival ' Musical pieces , no matter what style and genre , all contains specific  elements that can never be omitted from its form . Two important elements  would be Unity and Variety , and these would apply each and every time in  a composition , for these basic concepts encompasses the totality of the  piece 's theme . The terms are pretty much self-explanatory - unity means  togetherness , or oneness in the theme , while variety suggests different  factors and components . While very contradictory in nature , both  concepts co-exist in a single musical piece . Take for example the song Manha De Carnival , by Sigman and Bonfa .
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Unformatted text preview: Though this is considered to be a Brazilian piece , I can 't help but notice the fusion of several jazz elements and structure within the song . The song follows the ``AABA ' structure , a typical jazz pattern , on which A is the principal melody played by all and B is the portion where soloists come in . Soloing is usually heard in many Afro-Cuban songs , but not the way it is done in this piece . In my standards , this piece is definitely a fusion between Brazilian grooves and jazz styles . The idea here is mainly divided into two , aptly termed A and B . The first one is intended to be a primer on the piece , played roughly from the beginning up to around the 1 :20 mark . This. .. Third part...
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3 - Though this is considered to be a Brazilian piece , I...

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