cs31day12 Wk 6 M MIDTERM REVIEW

cs31day12 Wk 6 M MIDTERM REVIEW - int one = 1 int two = 2...

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WHAT'S GOING TO BE ON THE MIDTERM CALL-BY-REFERENCE FUNCTIONS STRINGS LOOPS (pretty much everything) -____- // swaps ints. the ampersand means that when we pass the referenced variable, we're passing the location // of the variable; the value of a variable at the location.
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Unformatted text preview: int one = 1; int two = 2; void f(int a, int b); // passes a copy of original. void g(int& a, int& b); // modifies the original value g(0x. .., 0x. ...) memory address FUNCTIONS PRACTICE MIDTERM ON NIK'S TA SITE...
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