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SubformSet3 DataB - <subformSet> A1...

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Subform Set Sample 1 Data 2 Subform Occurrence subformA: <occur min=1 max=1/> subformB: <occur min=1 max=1/> subformC: <occur min=1 max=1/> 3 Use All Subforms in Order Subform Relationship 3 Select One Subform from Alternatives Subform Relationship DataB.xml Data File File: A1, B1, B2, C1, A2, B3, C2, B4, C3, A3, A4, C4 Data Values: <subformSet> A1 subformA B1 subformB C1 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> A2 subformA B2 subformB C2 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> A3 subformA B3 subformB C3 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> A4 subformA B4 subformB C4 subformC </subformSet>
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Unformatted text preview: <subformSet> A1 subformA </subformSet> <subformSet> B1 subformB </subformSet> <subformSet> B2 subformB </subformSet> <subformSet> C1 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> A2 subformA </subformSet> <subformSet> B3 subformB </subformSet> <subformSet> C2 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> B4 subformB </subformSet> <subformSet> C3 subformC </subformSet> <subformSet> A3 subformA </subformSet> <subformSet> A4 subformA </subformSet> <subformSet> C4 subformC </subformSet>...
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