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EE 3193 Intro. to VLSI Homework Assignment 5 (Extra Credit) Due April 27 by 5PM 1. (Problem 10.4 in text) Develop equations for the logical effort and parasitic delay with respect to the C 0 input of an n -stage Manchester carry chain computing C 1 C n . Consider all of the internal diffusion capacitances when deriving the parasitic delay. Use the transistor widths shown in the figure below and assume the P i and G i transistors of each stage share a single diffusion contact.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (Problem 10.10 in text) Write a Boolean expression for C out in the circuit shown below. Simplify the equation to prove that the pass-transistor circuits do indeed compute the majority function. 3. (Problem 11.3 in text) Sketch designs for a 6:64 decoder with and without predecoding. Comment on the pros and cons of predecoding. 4. (Problem 11.10 in text) Sketch a dot diagram for a 2-input XOR using a PLA....
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