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CS2214 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE & ORGANIZATION SPRING 2010 EXAM II ANSWERS Polytechnic Institute of NYU Page 1 of 2 Handout No: 16 April 7, 2010 1) a) The modified high-level state diagram is as follows : b) On the high level state diagram, we see that we add registers A and B, meaning we add Rs and Rt. Then, we store the sign extended DOImm to a memory location whose address is Rs + Rt. This means we move a constant to a memory location whose address is the sum of Rs and Rt : MVMC (Move Memory Constant) : Syntax : MVMC (Rs, Rt), Imm Semantics : Format, etc. : • The I format is used since an Immediate data element is needed. We use opcode 17 for the new instruction. • We make two memory access for the new instruction : One to fetch the instruction (state 0) and one to write a data element to the memory (state 17). c) There are three modified control signals ( ALUSrcA , IorD , MemWrite ), one new control signal ( Mwbussel ), one new next state signal ( NS4 ) and one modified next state signal (
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cs2214exam2ans - CS2214 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE &...

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