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CS2214 COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE & ORGANIZATION SPRING 2010 Polytechnic Institute of NYU Page 1 of 2 Handout No : 14 March 31, 2010 110 MINUTES WORK ALL PROBLEMS OPEN BOOK EXAM II (40 pts) 1) Assume that the EMY CPU low-level state diagram and the datapath are modified to be able to run a new instruction as follows : a) Modify the EMY CPU high-level state diagram accordingly and as done in class. If a state is the same as the original, just write “Same.” What is the CPI i of the new instruction ? Explain . b) What is the new instruction ? Indicate only the following : The syntax, semantics, format and the memory accesses made. Determine an unused opcode for the instruction. c) Assume that the EMY CPU control unit is hardwired . Modify the hardwired EMY CPU control unit accordingly, as done in class and as follows : - Show all control signals that are modified or new, and - Show one (1) next state signal modified or new. same 0 same 1 ? 16 States 2 - 9 : Same except : .... State 5 : Mwbussel = 0 All other ALUSrcA = 1 ALUSrcB = 00 ALUop = 00 17 IorD = 1 MemWrite = 1 Mwbussel = 1 M U X 1 0 7 B DOImm+ Mwbussel MWBUS
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