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EE3114 Electronics I Homework #4 MOSFET Amplifier Assignment Due 1 Week Rev A 1) For the n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET circuit shown in figure 4.1 of the textbook, a. Calculate the small signal voltage gain, A v = v o /v i . Assume r o =large. The gain will be a function of variables. b. If V TN =0.3V, k n =100 µ A/V 2 , I DQ =0.12mA, R D =10K and V DD =2.5V, calculate the transistor W/L ratio when A V = -3.8 V/V. c. Repeat 1b with A V = -5 V/V. 2) Textbook Problem 4.13 3) Textbook Problem 4.20 (assume that C s is large and appears as a short to the sinusoid input) 4) When the input signal to a non-linear network is a sinusoid at frequency ω , The output from this network may contain a DC term, a fundamental frequency, ω , and a set of harmonics, 2 ω , 3 ω , 4 ω, Input = cos ω t Output = DC + Acos t + Bcos2 t + Ccos3 t + … The 2 nd harmonic distortion ( 2HD ) is defined as the ratio of the amplitude in the 2 nd harmonic to the amplitude of the fundamental
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EE3114_Hwk_4_MOSFET_Amplifiers_Rev_A - EE3114 Electronics I...

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