EE 3114 Lab 3 Transistor Biasing

EE 3114 Lab 3 Transistor Biasing - EE3114 EXPERIMENT 3...

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EE3114 Fundamentals of Electronics I Lab 3 Rev 1 12/11/08 © Polytechnic Institute of NYU 1 EE3114 EXPERIMENT 3 BIASING OF A TRANSISTOR INVERTER STAGE 1. INTRODUCTION A single transistor inverter stage is the basic building block of all analog circuits. An inverter stage amplifies small signals to the point where they can drive subsequent amplifier stages or the output stage. The inverter may amplify signals in the narrow audio band of frequencies or may amplify signals down to DC. Proper design requires the setting of the quiescent operating point of the inverter in the middle of its active range. It must be a stable bias point so that change of transistors or change of ambient conditions such as temperature will not cause the transistor to be driven into cutoff or saturation, since if it is so driven, the signal will be distorted and the inverter will not be working properly. In this experiment we shall be concerned in examining the stability of a bias point of a transistor for two types of biasing. First direct base current biasing and second an approximation of emitter current biasing 2. ADVANCE PREPARATION For the two circuit conditions calculate the base supply voltage at the center arm of the potentiometer required to establish the proper bias conditions at ambient temperature. Assume a beta of 150. Calculate the new value of the collector current if the transistor is replaced by one having beta of 200. The temperature increases by 100 from ambient what will the new collector current be? Show all shifts of
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EE 3114 Lab 3 Transistor Biasing - EE3114 EXPERIMENT 3...

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