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1BB3 - Lecture 6 - -Perfect Competition 1 seller-Some...

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Intro experiment audio recording Econ 1BB3 - Lecture 6 Audio recording started: 9:47 AM January-18-11 What affects your decision to go to the movies Econ 1BB3 - Lecture 6 Audio recording started: 10:09 AM January-18-11 4 different types of markets Market = group of buyers and sellers The four types are Identical Products - No one producer can affect the price of the product
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Unformatted text preview: -Perfect Competition 1 seller-Some influence in price-Price is constrained by demand of the product-Monopoly A few sellers in the market-Oligopoly Lots of firms (sellers)-However, non identical goods-Monopolistic competition Econ 1BB3 - Lecture 6 January-18-11 9:34 AM 1BB3 - Lecture 6 Page 1...
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