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State University of New York at Stony Brook Economics 305, Section 5 and 6 Intermediate Macroeconomics Theory Fall 2010 Tu/Th, 11:20am-12:40pm Hvy Engr Lab 201 Instructor Yan Yuan Office: SBS N-625 Office Hours: Tu 1:30:3:30pm Email: [email protected] Textbook: N.Gregory Mankiw, Macroeconomics, Seventh Edition Course Description: This course serves the purpose of introduction to the basics of macroeconomics. The first step in understanding macroeconomics will involve a study of the classical theories and an introduction of the concepts of national income, unemployment and inflation in the long run. Next we will conduct the classical analysis of the economy in the short run by studying fluctuations in the economic activity and the role of stabilization policy. Homework: There will be ten homework assignments. These assignments will provide problem-solving experience directly relevant to the exams. Homework submission: Please be advised that homework assignments are always due in class, at the BEGINNING of the lecture. Late homework assignments will NOT be accepted, and they will not be graded. If you cannot attend the class to submit the homework assignment in person on the day it is due, it is your responsibility to submit it to the graduate TA BEFORE the due date. If you miss the class and try to submit the homework later, it will NOT be accepted. Exams:
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syllabus-Eco305 - State University of New York at Stony...

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