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WRT 200 Response Papers You will have three response papers due during the course of the semester. (See the course calendar for specific due dates.) These assignments are designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on topics discussed in class—and on your own writing. Each response paper should contain the following: A 2-3-page response to a reading or video from class. You may delve deeper into a topic that interests you. You may make connections between topics taught in this class, with topics taught in other classes, or even with your outside experience and readings. You may conduct (some) outside research; if you choose to do so, include citations and the text(s) in a works cited page. Also cite any in-class readings to
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Unformatted text preview: which you refer in your response. This piece should, of course, apply the concepts of grammar taught in class. (The next piece of this assignment will help ensure this is so.) A 1-2-page reflection on your own writing (in the first 2-3 pages of this assignment). This portion of the assignment is to prompt you to think critically of your own use of language. You may examine the structure of your argument, the structure of your sentences, or even your word and grammatical choices. You may even want to discuss your difficulty crafting certain sections of the response piece—and explain why you made the choices you did....
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