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2/2/11 6:48 PM Course Home Page Page 1 of 2 http://sylvan.live.ecollege.com/ec/crs/default.learn?CourseID=4688199&Survey=1&47=7327501&ClientNodeID=984642&coursenav=1&bhcp=1 Week 8: t Tests for Independent and Related Samples - Quiz Help Save Answers Submit For Grade Time Remaining: 02:57:52 1. The results from an independent-measures t hypothesis test are reported as “ t (24) = 3.85, p < .01, two tailed.” The research study for this test used a total of 25 subjects. (Points: 1) True False 2. The homogeneity assumption states that the two sample variances must be equal. (Points: 1) True False 3. Two samples, each with n = 6 subjects, produce a pooled variance of 20. Based on this information, the estimated standard error for the sample mean difference would be _____. (Points: 1) 20/6 20/12 the square root of (20/6 + 20/6) the square root of (20/5 + 20/5) 4. For the independent-measures t statistic, increasing the sample mean difference will _____ the chances of a significant t statistic and _____ measures of effect size. (Points: 1) increase, increase increase, decrease
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