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LECTURE 3 STUDY QUESTIONS 1. List the three facts of nature that Darwin emphasized to establish natural selection as the mechanism for evolution. 2. Contrast variational with transformational theories of evolution. 3. Name at least two things that Darwin was wrong about. 4. An essential Darwinist defends what 3 central tents that challenge fundamental postulates. 5. What mechanism was Charles Lyell referring to when he said “Vishnu the destroyer, Shiva the preserver, yes, but how Rama the creator.” 6. What were the three properties Darwin attributed to the variation within populations that serves as the fuel for natural selection? 7. According to Darwin, on what hierarchical level does natural selection primarily act? 8. Adam Smith's argued that rational self-interest and competition can lead to common well-being in free-market economies. How did this idea influence Darwin's reconciliation of evolution with the apparent harmony and efficiency of nature?
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