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Paper 4 Discussion Questions BIOL 429 INTRODUCTION 1. What is known about the Get pathway for membrane protein insertion? RESULTS 1 2. For Figure 1D, describe the experimental set-up and how the results indicate the Get3 can take Sec22 from Get4/5. 3. How do we know that Get3 transport to the ER is dependent on Get1/Get2 (Fig. 1E)? RESULTS 2 4. In Figure 2A, which lane indicates that Sgt2 is required for association of Get5 with the rest of the protein complex? Explain your answer. 5. The experimenters induce a mutation in Sgt2 that reduces binding of Hsps to Sgt2. Does this affect the binding of Sgt2 and Sec22? Wang, F., E.C. Brown, G. Mak, J. Zhuang, and V. Denic. 2010. A Chaperone Cascade Sorts Proteins for Posttranslational Membrane Insertion into the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Molecular Cell 40:159-171. Several complementary studies have revealed a “guided entry of TA proteins” (GET) pathway that targets TA proteins to the endoplasmic reticulum. An important component in this pathway is the formation of membrane-targeting complexes with Get3, which is a cytosolic protein that combines with the fresh TA proteins in order to guide them to the correct membrane. Research has shown that the deletion of the GET genes causes the ER proteins to become aggregated in the cytosol or to end up on the wrong membrane (i.e., the mitochondrial membrane). The ER membrane has a recruiting receptor for this pathway called the Get1/2 complex. The researchers had found that Get3 binds to Sec22 via the TMD, but not in the absence of Get4/5.
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BIOL 429 DISC 5 - Paper 4 Discussion Questions BIOL 429...

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