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RELG 447 Unit 8 Questions 1. Does the selection “Divine Contraction,” imply that something is “co-existing” with God? If the answer is yes, do you think that this is a theological problem? If the answer is no, how did God – a totally spiritual entity/being – create non-spiritual entities/beings? 2. In the same selection, what is the reason God creates something rather than simply not creating? 3. What is the attitude towards the body in the selection, “The Good and Evil Inclinations”? Why would God create us with bodies? 4. In the selection “Elevation of the Soul,” how does a Jew affect the gathering of the sparks? 5. How do you understand the entire discussion of food in the selection “Enlightenment”? There is a problem that arises when we use simplistic models to describe things that were extremely abstract and with which we do not have a common frame of reference. In the passage, Vital seems to describe the Ein Sof as it has not been described before. In fact, he ascribes properties to it when previously it was said to be foolish that it should be described at all. Therefore, the passage ascribes a universal “space”and a limitless “light” that co-exists with Ein Sof. If this were an accurate rendition of the truth, it could be construed as a theological problem since Bereshit says “In the beginning God created the heavens,” implying that space did not already exist, and “God said ‘Let there be light,’” implies that light did not exist until he had explicitly created it. However, there are other Scriptures that imply that God is light, and therefore the light itself may
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RELG 447 - UNIT 8 QUESTIONS - RELG 4 47 Unit 8 Questions 1...

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