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BackWard Euler Method

BackWard Euler Method - Backward Euler Method Statement of...

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Backward Euler Method Statement of the Problem Solve the problem using the Rk4 algorithm. Compare your answers to the exact answers. What do you suspect is the problem? Recall that Rk4 is an explicit method. Write a maple worksheet for performing the Backward Euler method calculation. Use Newton’s method to solve for the solution at each time step. Use three Newton iterations per time step in your calculation. Run the solver for each of there systems. Compare it to the exact answer. How do you know that your solver is working correctly? Why does this order method perform better than the more accurate RK4? Description of the Algorithm Forward Euler, Backward Euler, what’s next!? Upside down Euler…maybe someday. For now, lets just stick with Backward Euler. The main difference between BE and FE is that BE is implicit and FE is explicit. Now, you are probably wondering what the difference between implicit and explicit. The mathematical way of displaying follows: Implicit(BE) Y n+1
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