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ECON 303 component 1

ECON 303 component 1 - DescriptionofData According to the...

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Description of Data According to the GDP equation: y=(C + I + G) + NX, where Y = GDP, C = Consumer Spending, I = Investment, G = Government Expenditures, and NX = Net Exports. COMP is considered as a factorof the value of net output or value added. GDP could reflects the country's price level, wage level and interest rate level. EMP is the employment rate of full-time schedules plus the employment rate of part-time schedules transfered to a full-time basis.   The data of EMP can indicates the overview of U.S.'s employeement rate, consumption also.   The CAP reflects the available capacity to invest. CAP is contributes to investment, while UTIL contributes to government spending. Table 1: Raw Data Series: Variable  Name Variable Units Source Reference Gross domestic product GDP Billions of current dollars Bureau of Economic Analysis, http://www.bea.gov/national/nipaweb/SelectTable. asp?Selected=N Gross domestic product REALGDP Billions of $2005 Bureau of Economic Analysis, http://www.bea.gov/national/nipaweb/SelectTable.
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