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Anthro - Past sowed a seed so strong that the ideas will...

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Alexis Roldan Williams Tuesdays 5pm Week 5 February 1, 2011 It can be agreed that race is a social construct; one that came about as an excuse to hold people in slavery without having to feel the guilt of harming a fellow human being. However, this created a separation of powers within these different communities which has sent many to live in poverty which the others prosper using the privileges of the perceived skin color they hold. As decades passed, this notion of race created a sense of hatred between communities that have cause genocide and destruction (World War II). How will today’s society be able to reverse these notions, which today are held as a common truth? Will there be a day that the idea of race is seem as a myth or has the
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Unformatted text preview: Past sowed a seed so strong that the ideas will forevermore be violating our way of thinking? Going off the article on white privilege, do you believe the people that use this privilege are wrong in doing so? Having myself been involved in many race and ethnic discussion, there is usually a sense that the “white man” is putting them down. (Notice it is the white males and not white females.) That the “white man” has advantages that they should not have. I see this not as one group having extra advantages but as another group not giving the full advantages deserved as a fellow person. Since race was created many by the white Americans and Europeans, are there racial problems in other places as well?...
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