It would be considered sexual harassment

It would be considered sexual harassment - with their...

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1) It would be considered sexual harassment. Harassment is something that is considered unwanted or unwelcome, and in these instances, it is certainly both. 2) Yes, they should certainly be punished. I am not certain what the extent of that punishment should be. They probably do not fully understand the effects or consequences of what they are doing. I would say counseling is more appropriate than actual punishment. However, a healthy dose of both would not be a bad thing. 3) So the parents should be notified. They may not realize or even know what is going on
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Unformatted text preview: with their children, and they should definitely be informed. They be able to provide some type of insight into how teach them. 4) No. The fact that this has taken place is enough of an example. The girls involved should not be subject to further scrutiny or humiliation because of it. Children tease, poke, and make fun. Creating a group situation such as this would only foster this type of foolishness on the childrens parts, and makes the girls involved feel even more uncomfortable....
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