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Prelab3 - Name G Number Pre-Laboratory#Boolean Expressions...

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Name: G Number: Pre-Laboratory #Boolean Expressions ECE 332 1 Introduction This pre-lab is divided into two parts. In part one you will build a circuit for providing inputs to your CPLD board on your breadboard. Bring the completed pre-lab to your lab session and get it verified with your lab instructor. In part two you have to derive a boolean expression for the output given a truth table. CAUTION: Do not supply power to the input circuit and the CPLD board with out getting permission from the instructor. If the connections are wrong your CPLD board will get damaged (you may have to buy a new board again!!). Part 1 2 Input circuit In this part of the pre-lab you are going to build an input circuit to supply inputs to your CPLD board. Figure 1 shows how the completed circuit might look like. Please note that Figure 1 shows only three switches connected to the CPLD board. The remaining switches can be connected in the same fashion. The input circuit is shown on the breadboard (on the lower part of the Figure 1) which is connected to the CPLD board. DIP Switch USB Resistor Network VCC 6-Pin Connector Ground CPLD Board Figure 1: Completed Circuit Board 1
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ECE 332 Pre-Lab #3 2 2.1 Input Circuit Your Cool runner-2 CPLD board has four input switches. Two are sliding switches and the other
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