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Interview Questions Instructions: Answer each of these questions as if it were a real interview by typing your answers after each question on this sheet. Don’t forget to add four questions you have for the interviewer. Submit your completed interview to me on the Unit 1 folder link and attach it to your small group discussion board. Both of these forms of submission are due by Saturday, January 29 at midnight. Your name: David Greene III 1. Why did you select your undergraduate degree? Why did I select Chemistry as my undergraduate degree? I chose Chemistry because I felt that I was one of the most challenging degrees that this university had to offer as well as I have always found science to be interesting. I was also interested in learning more about the pharmacy industry and being able to create new drugs to help people in the future. 2. Has your coursework helped you in any way for this type of position and how so? My coursework has indeed helped me for this position as a lab technician. If it weren’t for my coursework I would have absolutely no clue as to what is going on around the lab. I would have no knowledge as to how to do basic calculations or measurements if it hadn’t been for my lab courses. If it weren’t for my coursework, then I would have no clue about basic reactions and I could have ended up mixing chemicals that could cause something bad to happen. 3.
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Interview Sheet - InterviewQuestions Instructions: Answer...

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