HW6 - ME 131 Vehicle Dynamics Homework 6 Due Thursday,...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 131 Vehicle Dynamics Homework 6 Due Thursday, April 8th, 2010 1 Term Project Proposal Submit a 1-page proposal outlining your planned term project. This proposal will not be graded but will be used to determine if the project is acceptable. Outline your objectives and how you will go about meeting them. If it is a group project outline what you specifically will be doing on the project. 2 Lateral and Longitudinal Dynamics (a) In racing, beginners are often taught to finish braking before they start turning the wheel. Why is this? Is this optimal? Explain using the friction circle. (1 pt) (b) If you are cornering at the limit of the vehicle, how many tires are ”saturated” (at the edge of the friction circle)? Which tires are saturated? Note: This may depend on whether the vehicle naturally oversteers or understeers. (3 pts) (c) If you are cornering at the limit of the vehicle, what happens when the brakes are applied? (2 pts) (d) If your vehicle is in an oversteer state and you would like to correct it, name at least 5 ways this...
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