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Chap1QuizBUS4113 - BUS 4113 Accounting and Finance for...

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BUS 4113 – Accounting and Finance for Managers Chapter 1 Quiz Professor: Dr. Jonathan D. Schultz Name: Date: 06/19/2010 Instructions: Please select the most correct answer for each of the following multiple choice questions. (5 points each) 1. The main objective of corporate governance is to: a. Make employees more accountable to management. b. Make management more accountable to employees, stockholders, and others interested in the company. c. Ensure management compliance with uniform standards. d. Reduce the need for internal controls throughout the organization. 2. Who sets the tone for ethical behavior in an organization? a. Internal auditors b. Audit committee c. Upper management d. Middle management 3. Where do most companies assert their commitment to key stakeholders? a. In their mission statement. b. In their code of conduct. c. In their articles of incorporation. d. In their financial statements. 4. The most common types of fraudulent financial reporting involve overstating: a. Liabilities and expenses.
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