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Amberton University BUS 4113 – Accounting and Finance for Managers Name: Chapter 10 Autonomy Corporation is a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise. It was ranked by IDC as the clear leader in enterprise search revenues; with market share nearly double that of its nearest competitor. Autonomy's technology allows computers to connect the full richness of human information, forming a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece of electronic data (such as text, email, web pages, voice, or video). Autonomy's software powers the full spectrum of mission-critical enterprise applications including pan-enterprise search, customer interaction solutions, information governance, end-to-end eDiscovery, records management, archiving, business process management, web content management, web optimization, rich media management and video and audio analysis. Autonomy has significantly enhanced its operational efficiency and employee productivity with the implementation of Autonomy Process Automation. The
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Chap10&11AsgnBUS4113 - Amberton University BUS 4113...

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