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STUDENT NAME: ABSTRACT NUMBER : 4 COURSE NUMBER: BUS5110.e1 - International Business SUBMISSION DATE: 11/4/2010 ABSTRACT NO. 4 1-Article Title: Importing Brand Name Merchandise From China – is it Legal? 2- Article Source: This piece of writing is an article by Karl Duncan. It was posted and published on January 8 th , 2010 by Articlesbase.com (an online articles directory). http://www.articlesbase.com/ask-an-expert-articles/importing-brand-name-merchandise-from- china-is-it-legal-1685428.html 3- Key Points: This article gives advice about how to import and reveals possible barriers to importing merchandises from China. The author gives tips and warnings that can help in setting up an importing business with China. Besides legal regulations that need to be followed, Duncan explains that importing merchandises may not be as easy as we may be thinking. He gives example of importing expectations versus realities, obstacles that may occur and steps that should be followed before importing from China. 4- Reference to Text: Duncan’s article relates to different key areas of the text. The text reveals on page 485 that “before importing, a firm may have difficulties whether the desired items exist and, if so, where to find them.” Duncan explains that it may be difficult to find the right items because of different factors such as counterfeit that may serve as barriers. According to the writer, the best source of importation would be to have a direct contact with the manufacturer: “If you want products like Nike Air Jordan, you have to go to Nike and find out how to purchase their
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products. The same is true with just about any name brand merchandise you want to buy.” Furthermore, the text explains on page 500-501 that “consumer products require greater adaptation than do industrial products. If the consumer products are stylish or the result of a fad, they are especially likely to require changes.” Duncan describes those changes as counterfeits that are distributed on the market at a cheaper price than the originals. Finally, it is explicated on page 520 of the book that “the factors that influence the selection of market channels may be classified as the characteristics of the market, the product, the company, and the middlemen.” The article’s author demonstrates that the market characteristics (which among the alternatives offers the best products?), the product characteristics (Choosing between a high price product or a low price imitation of the product) and the company characteristic (Does the company has the necessary capital to obtain brand named product or should go with non-branded items?) play an important role in selecting the right channel. 5-Abstract of Article: Contrary to many beliefs, finding a wholesale supplier in China that can provide branded merchandises at really low prices is untrue. Most branded products have several restrictions on how their products are being distributed. The author gives a great example on Louis Vuitton handbags. Those brand named handbags are never sold wholesale to the public or resale
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