RGS6036.E1.ex2.2 - Name Exercise Number 2.2 Exercise Theory...

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Name: Exercise Number: 2.2 Exercise Theory Title: Normative Ethics 1-Theory Description Meta-ethical thinking investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. Meta-ethical answers to these questions focus on the issues of universal truths, the will of God, the role of reason in ethical judgments, and the meaning of ethical terms themselves. We may define meta-ethics as the study of the origin and meaning of ethical concepts. When compared to normative ethics, the field of meta-ethics is the least precisely defined area of moral philosophy. This sort of thinking explores as well the connection between values, reasons for action, and human motivation. It helps us understand how moral standards might provide us with reasons to act or refrain from acting. Meta-ethics doesn’t focus on what kind of acts are right or wrong. It is concentrated on the nature of goodness and badness and what it is to morally right or wrong. By “meta-ethics” philosophers mean a set of views about what ethics is, how it may be grounded, and why we need it. Thus an ethics may deliver certain moral judgments (such as: adult educators should not walk away from tainted deals just to keep their hands clean), while a meta-ethics offers a vision of the goals and character of ethics itself (as in: the task of ethics is to make a constructive difference in the world) such that those judgments in turn get a context and at least the beginnings of a justification (Weston, 2009, 2). Moreover, meta-ethics is the branch of knowledge that considers the
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RGS6036.E1.ex2.2 - Name Exercise Number 2.2 Exercise Theory...

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