RGS6036.E1.ex2.3 - Name Exercise Number 2.3 Exercise Theory...

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Name: Exercise Number: 2.3 Exercise Theory Title: Teleological Theory 1-Theory Description Frankena explains that “a teleological theory says that the basic or ultimate criterion or standard of what is morally right, wrong, obligatory, etc… is the nonmoral value that is brought into being. (Frankena, 1973, 14)” In other words, it is a theory that is justified by the end results. As described by Wittjen, in this theory, we would consider the ends or the outcomes of our decisions. Basically, an act may be right or wrong depending of its purpose or external goal. Thus, the means justify the ends. This theory is referred as consequentialist because it is more focus on the consequences. The Greek word telos means goal, end, or purpose. Accordingly, teleology is the study of goals, ends and purposes. Nawaz explains clearly that the teleological theory is about the consequences of our decisions. It means that when we do something we should know the end of any action. For example if we are constructing a building in any area we should be acquainted with large amount of good consequences such as: Will this be appropriate place for the required purpose? Will this disturb the surroundings like the living, and people etc? One of the most common branches of this theory is
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RGS6036.E1.ex2.3 - Name Exercise Number 2.3 Exercise Theory...

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