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Student ID: _________________ Name: _____________________________________________ Page | 1 MANAGEMENT 1A CASE GOOGLE, INC. Introduction to Financial Statements Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Their innovations in web search and advertising have made their web site a top internet destination and their brand one of the most recognized in the world. They maintain the largest, most comprehensive index of web sites and other content, and they make this information freely available to anyone with an internet connection. Their automated search technology helps people obtain nearly instant access to relevant information from their vast online index. They generate revenue primarily by delivering relevant, cost-effective online advertising. Businesses use their AdWords program to promote their products and services with targeted advertising. In addition, the thousands of third-party web sites that comprise the Google Network use their AdSense program to deliver relevant ads that generate revenue and enhance the user experience. They were incorporated in California in September 1998 and reincorporated in Delaware in August 2003. Their headquarters are located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043. Mission Statement Their mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. They believe that the most effective, and ultimately the most profitable, way to accomplish their mission is to put the needs of their users first. They have found that offering a high-quality user experience leads to increased traffic and strong word-of-mouth promotion. Their dedication to putting users first is reflected in three key commitments: They will do their best to provide the most relevant and useful search results possible, independent of financial incentives. Their search results will be objective and they will not accept payment for inclusion or ranking in them. They will do their best to provide the most relevant and useful advertising. Advertisements should not be an annoying interruption. If any element on a search result page is influenced by payment to us, they will make it clear to their users. They will never stop working to improve their user experience, their search technology and other important areas of information organization. They believe that their user focus is the foundation of their success to date. They also believe that this focus is critical for the creation of long-term value. They do not intend to compromise their user focus for short-term economic gain. Products and Services for their Users Their product development philosophy involves rapid and continuous innovation, with frequent releases of early stage products that they seek to improve with every iteration. They often make products available early in their development stages by posting them on Google Labs, at test locations online or directly on Google.com. If their users find a product useful, they promote it to “beta” status for additional testing. Once they are satisfied that a product is of high quality and utility, they remove the
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