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September 20 th , 2010 Name: Course: RGS6036.E1 EXERCISE 1 1. Identify and thoroughly explain your definition of ethics. Being ethical is being able to accomplish different things through our own choices. Ethics are duties or conduct relating to moral action, motive or character. They are just a set of morale principals that allow us to be aware of what’s acceptable and unacceptable. They help us determine what behaviors to adopt facing a situation. For example, a teacher-student personal relationship is considered unethical because it could be the result of an abuse of power. Facing this situation, the student could choose to not be involved regardless of the pressure or the circumstances being presented. As Frankena explains it in “Ethics” (page 2), “…we ought never to do what is morally wrong. The only question we need to answer is whether what is proposed is right or wrong, not what will happen to us, what people will think of us, or how we feel about what happened.” 2. Give an example of an ethical question that you heard about recently on television or in the newspaper. An example of an ethical question heard recently on the news is the case of Representative Charles Rangel (the top Democrat responsible for tax laws in the U.S. Congress) who was found guilty to have knowingly accepted bribes. On February 25th 2010, Rangel was found to have knowingly accepted bribes in the form of trips to the Caribbean by the House
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RGS6036.E1EX1 - September 20th, 2010 Name: Course:...

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