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ACS Official Guide concordance-1

ACS Official Guide concordance-1 - and redox X Do ox number...

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ACS Official Guide Preparing for your ACS Examinations in General Chemistry First Semester CHEM 151 UA concordance Chapter Not included Included pages comments Atomic Structure X 1-10 Molecular bonding and structure X 11-19 Stoichoimetry X 21-30 States of matter X 31-42 Extra material here but good Energetics X Do problems 4,5 Dynamics X Equilibrium X Electrochem
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Unformatted text preview: and redox X Do ox number problems 1-9 Descriptive Chem X 91-Exclude problems 1,2 Good facts to know Lab X 103 There are questions on the exam that we have not covered, so do your best, skip the ones that you do not know and take an educated guess in the end. There is no penalty for guessing. WEW...
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